Incentives / Active program

Wiesbaden can be discovered in many ways. Whoever is looking for a suitable supporting program in addition to the conference, seminar or congress will find it here.

Wiesbaden can be discovered in many ways.

Dinner Gameshow

The Dinner Gameshow is an action-packed evening program in the style of a classic game show. Teams enter into an exciting competition. The humorous entertainment on a high level is always in the foreground.

E-bike tour with appetizer and wine tasting

The e-bike tour leads directly from Hattenheim to its famous old vineyard sites. With ease, comfortable e-bikes take you through the imposingly expansive vineyards to one of the oldest and most famous sights of the Rheingau. A stop at a winery is a particularly good way to enjoy a wine tasting and Vesper after the excursion in the fresh air.

Neroberg Climbing Forest

One of the largest and most beautiful climbing forests in Germany awaits groups on the Neroberg. The courses with different levels of difficulty challenge beginners and experts.

With the Segway tours you can experience the Hessian state capital in a completely different way. Segway riding is easy to learn and suitable for young and old - just lean forward and the tour begins.


Explore the city while jogging - the sightseeing tour through Wiesbaden delights with sights while participants get up to speed while jogging from one attraction to the next.

Team Challenge: Wiesbaden City Rallye

The Wiesbaden City Rally - a team challenge that has it all! The team is faced with tricky tasks, has to find special places and give free rein to creativity. An exciting tour across the capital of Hesse.

Torchlight mulled wine hike

On a mysterious path you walk through orchards and along the edge of the forest to a panoramic trail with a wide view of Wiesbaden's vineyards and the banks of the Rhine. At the most charming view you will enjoy mulled wine, tea and delicious snacks.


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