Half and full day programs

At the gates of Wiesbaden lies the wine-growing region "Rheingau". The half-day and full-day programs take you to the picturesque villages, castles and palaces along the banks of the Rhine and Main.

WA boat trip reveals the picturesque castles, palaces and vineyards of the Rheingau.

The Rheingau in all its beauty - with Eberbach Monastery, Rüdesheim and castle tour

At the gates of Wiesbaden lies the wine-growing region "Rheingau" with its Mediterranean beauty and cozy idyll. During a round trip by boat you will marvel at witnesses of a past full of adventure and castle magic.

The Rheingau - Eberbach Monastery and Rüdesheim

Idyllic landscapes and wine growing characterize the Rheingau. This excursion includes a visit to the former Cistercian monastery of Eberbach, built around 1116, followed by a trip to Rüdesheim. The small winegrowing town on the Rhine has much more to offer besides the famous Drosselgasse.

An unforgettable Rheingau experience

The Rheingau, located near the capital of Hesse, is simply beautiful. Passing small winegrowing towns, the boat takes you from Wiesbaden to Rüdesheim.

Royal Rheingau

The famous wine-growing region, the Rheingau, offers not only delicious wines but is also home to a variety of castles, palaces and monasteries. During a guided tour of Schloss Vollrads, you will learn interesting facts about the history of the house and about the cultivation of the wines. This is rounded off by the tasting of three current, high-quality wines.

Outside the city

History is as alive in the Rheingau as culture. The first destination of this trip is the Brentanohaus in Oestrich-Winkel. Goethe lived here during his many stays in the Rheingau. Eberbach Monastery, a Cistercian abbey founded in the Middle Ages and the filming location for the movie "The Name of the Rose" is the second stop on this excursion.

Striking Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The trip goes by bus from Wiesbaden to the Rheingau. The tour begins at the Niederwald Monument. Afterwards, the cable car takes you down to the wine town of Rüdesheim. Finally, you can admire the majestic castles on the Rhine from a ship.

Rheingau introductory tour

Magnificent cultural-historical buildings such as impressive castles and imposing monasteries are located close together in the region. During this excursion you will experience the Rheingau with some of its special features.

Treasures of the Rheingau

Experience the magnificent Rheingau with all its facets and riches in one day. Not only historical monasteries, castles and palaces are on the route. Also a tasting of Rheingau wine and sparkling wine should not be missing.


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