Product in August: Bread mix from "Gebrüder Brot"

Once a month, the Tourist Information presents a special product from the region - in September Bread mix from "Gebrüder Brot".

Each bread tastes refined, different and yet all have one thing in common: the love of freshly baked bread.
  • Bread mix "Der starke Hans" (512 g): 5,49 Euro
  • Bread mix "Der treue Johannes" (512 g): 4,99 Euro
  • Bread mix "Der gestiefelte Kater" (512 g): 5,99 Euro
  • Bread mix "Der eiserne Heinrich" (512 g): 5,49 Euro

It's that easy!

  1. Simply order bread baking mixes online or purchase them at the Tourist Information.

  2. Mix bread mix with water / milk and process according to the instructions on the package in a few steps.

  3. Bake bread in a regular oven - no bread maker needed.

  4. Enjoy the homemade bread - simply fabulously delicious!

About the company

At "Gebrüder Brot", we believe that good bread is a piece of culture and true craftsmanship. But most of all, we believe that good bread is not the standard stuff from the supermarket bakery counter. 

Now we've asked ourselves how everyone can enjoy fresh, delicious and healthy bread – quick and easy. You can find the answer here. In the preparation simple, down-to-earth breads without a long list of ingredients, each one distinctive and refined in taste. 

Ingredients in best organic quality mainly from Germany, good for you, good for us and good for the environment. 

The idea

In childhood days the evening meal, in school times the break time bread and today the hearty snack - delicious, wholesome bread has always been an an integral part of our diet.

Due to rise of bakery chains and baking counters in supermarkets, we have discovered the desire to bake bread for ourselves. Who does not get hungry when the scent of freshly baked bread hits his or her nostrils. And who doesn't love a little variety on the dinner table.

Depending on the stress level at work or with the little ones, however, we haven't even always managed to conjure up fresh, wholesome and varied bread on the table, where boredom never arises. This is how the idea for our bread baking mixes came about.

We have experimented with different types of flour, preparation methods and the taste refining seeds and nuts. The result is our four healthy and wholesome bread baking mixtures in organic quality. 

Each bread tastes refined, different and yet all have one thing in common: the love of freshly baked bread.

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