Schloss Johannisberg

At Johannisberg Castle, wine from the oldest Riesling vineyard can be tasted.

The first monastery in the Rheingau area was built on the "Bischofsberg" around 1100. After the consecration of a Romanesque basilica in honour of John the Baptist in 1130, the hill, the monastrry and the village were named Johannisberg (Mountain of John).

After the abbey was destroyed during the farmer's revolt in 1525 Konstantin of Butar bought the property in 1716. Except for the wine-cellar and the church, the builduings were torn down and today's palace, Schloss Johannisberg, was erected. The new owner also revived the neglected viniculture by planting the first vineyards with Riesling-vine. This was the beginning of a new development in Rheingau wine-history.

Today Schloss Johannisberg is known throughout the region. It is not only the fascination of wine or the impressive building - its cellars which are 900 years old and 250 metres long - but also the unique view of the beautiful landscape that makes the castle a famous destination. Additionally, the castle has established a reputation for cultural events and concerts. It is one of the main locations for the Rheingau Music Festival.

  • / Foto: WICM