Eltville Electoral Castle

Burg Eltville

This 14th century castle of the Middle Ages was the residence of the archbishops and electors of Mainz for the past 150 years.

A Gutenberg Memorial in the tower of the castle attests, that in 1465 Johannes Gutenberg, innovator in letterpress, received a tribute. It was the only one during his lifetime.
During the whole year, the Eltville Electoral Castle is a location for various cultural events. Ever changing art exhibitions can be visited at the tower gallery "Galerie im Turm".

In early summer the rose beds around the castle and the Rhine River promenade turn into a gorgeous sea of flowers offering a charming scent. In the year 1988 the association "German Friends of Roses" named Eltville as "City of the Roses".

  • wiesbaden.de / Foto: WICM