Castle Königstein

Aerial view of the Königstein castle ruins.

The castle was built in the 12th century, at the time of King Babarossa, to protect the important trade route between Frankfurt and Cologne. In the 16th century Count of Stollberg converted the castle into a fortress, which was then damaged heavily during the wars of revolution by the French troupes in 1796. But historians suspect that the population of Königstein caused the extent of damage of today. According to different reports the population used material of the castle as building material for numerous houses in the old town center.
In 1922 Hilda of Baden, daughter of the last king of Nassau, donated the ruin to the city of Königstein.

Most of the castle’s cellars are still well-preserved and can be visited and explored. The vaults and arches as well as the romantic inner courtyard underline the extraordinary appeal of the ruin. Another highlight is the accessible tower which offers a beautiful view of the Taunus and the Rhein-Main-area.

Especially in the summer the castle is worth a visit: Numerous popular open-air-events such as movie- and theatre-events, knight’s tournaments and festivals, take place in the castle ruin. One of the vaults, called the Zeughauseller, can also be rented for private parties.

  • / Foto: Stadt Königstein