Castle Hohenstein

High above the valley on steep rocks stands one of the largest castle ruins in the Taunus, Hohenstein Castle.

High above the valley on steep rocks stands Hohenstein Castle.

One of the biggest ruins in the Taunus area is Burg Hohenstein. The old castle is well known since the establishment of its hotel and restaurant in 1968. And as the famous destination can also be reached by the nostalgic Nassau Tourism Railway departing from Wiesbaden during summer time, the castle is getting more and more popular. Especially open-air events in the inner courtyard of Castle Hohenstein frequently attract visitors from throughout the region.

The impressive castle was built approximately about 1190. Over the following centuries damages occurred so that Moritz the Scholar undertook repairs and arranged further stabilization and fortification. During the Thirty-year-war in the 17th century Castle Hohenstein was damaged heavily and any attempt to reconstruct the illustrious castle failed.

  • / Foto: Nicole Lustermann