The Silent - Market Church

The monument of William of Orange was inaugurated on 15 May 1908 in front of the market church. The so-called "Silent" is a present from Emperor William II.

"The silent" in front of the market church

To find a suitable location for the annunciated present,  the inhabitants of Wiesbaden built a model of the monument made of wood and paper to look for an adequate location. After all the emperor decided to arrange the monument in front of the market church.

William of Orange was called the "Silent" due to the fact that he was a calm and discreet person, in terms of the latin saying "Servis tranquillus in undis".

William of Orange is the founder of the dutch independence and was fallen - referring to the monuments inscrition - because of his evangelic set of beliefs. On 15 July 1584 he was shot in front of the town hall in Delft (Netherlands).

  • / Foto: Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH