Oranien Monument at the Square Luisenplatz

The monument of Oranien is dedicated to the first nassovian field artillery.

The Oranien Monument is located at the Square Luisenplatz

It represents a horse upon a socle, listing the places of the battle fields. Furthermore there is a tablet bearing the inscription: "True to the fatherland I'll be till death".

In February 1933 a competition was called to create a monument with a horse. After the third competition the jury decided to choose the project of the Berlin artist Paul Scheurich.

On the 23rd of October 1934 the monument was inaugurated by Dr. Hermann Kaiser - keynote speaker during the inauguration - who fighted seven years for building a Oranien monument.

Already during the inauguration of the monument it was noticeable that Hermann Kaiser tried to break with the National Socialism. During World War II. he was part of the resistance. One day after the attempted coup he was arrested and sentenced to death.

The monument of Oranien contains a tablet bearing the inscription: "His path of life is appeal against war and inhumanity".

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