The northern side of Taunusstraße is bordered by Kochbrunnenplatz (hot spring square), its western edge lined by the remains of the Kochbrunnen arcades along Saalgasse.

View of the Kochbrunnen temple on the Kochbrunnen square.

The architect Wilhelm Bogler built them in 1887/88 and gave the whole square a layout in the shape of the letter z.

After the war the arcades were reopened for use, but they were torn down in the sixties and the only structure left standing was the wing along Saalgasse.

The Kochbrunnentempel once stood at the southern end of the arcade, but in 1976/77 it was moved and rebuilt; thermal water still flowing today. There are 15 springs which feed into the Kochbrunnen and supply it with 880 litres of thermal water per minute at a temperature of 68.75 degrees Celsius where it leaves the ground.

  • wiesbaden.de / Foto: WICM