Wiesbaden's historical district is known as the "Schiffchen" (little ship) because it has the form of a ship's bow, bordered by Grabenstrasse and Wagemannstrasse.

Goldgasse in the old town of Wiesbaden

The senses are especially spoiled in the historial district: excellent wines, the finest olive oils and an exhilarating variety of spices make it impossible to simply pass by and not enter one of the shops.

The Goldgasse offers a wide variety of places to eat. The choice between the tapas bars, cafés and bistros, good old-fashioned restaurants, rustically comfortable wine bars and Italian pizza parlours is not easy.

Many goldsmiths have located their studios in the "Schiffchen" where they offer customers a view of their mostly filigree art and are happy to fulfil individual requests.

  • / Foto: WICM