Year of Water in Wiesbaden

The state capital Wiesbaden has declared the Year of Water: It will take place until the end of 2022 and was ceremoniously opened on March 22 at the Kochbrunnen.

A woman in winter clothes at the Koch Fountain in front of the State Chancellery.

For almost twelve months starting on March 22, 2022, many things in Wiesbaden will revolve around the Year of Water. The program includes exhibitions, city tours, theater plays and many other projects and activities related to the element of water that characterizes Wiesbaden. Numerous stakeholders in the city will support the City of Wiesbaden in the Year of Water. The Wiesbaden Identity, Commitment and Citizen Participation Office is the idea generator for the Year of Water and is coordinating the program.

Opening at the Kochbrunnen

The grand opening took place on Tuesday, March 22, at the Kochbrunnen. There, symbolically - a spear was stuck into the ground, and shall thus remind of the story of the giant Ekko. According to legend, he drove a spear into the ground during a hunt and the healing springs began to gush.

The citizens of Wiesbaden and all guests of the Hessian state capital can look forward to a more than varied year around the theme of water in Wiesbaden, a city of water.

  • Wiesbaden Congress & Marketing GmbH / Foto: Roger Richter