The Nerotal Park

English landscape gardens were also the inspiration for the designers who created Wiesbaden's Nerotal Park.

Recreation Areas - Nerotal Park

The park, which begins at the end of "Taunusstrasse" and extends nearly one kilometre to the viaduct of the Nerobergbahn (little funicular railway), was created between 1897 and 1898.

By the time the park was completed its roughly six hectares had been planted with more than 6,000 plants from all over the world, which is why it was popularly referred to as the "botanical garden". The Nerotal Park, following the course of the "Schwarzbach" stream and protected as an historical site since 1985, includes the Warriors' Monument, completed in 1909, and a Bismarck Monument, created in 1898.

Bordered by luxurious villas, the Nerotal Park with its ponds and artistically inspired bridges remains a popular place to stroll and relax for Wiesbaden residents and the city's guests.

  • / Foto: WICM