The Neroberg - the Vineyard

Located within the city's precincts, Neroberg, Wiesbaden's own hillside estate, is one of the city's most popular leisure-time destinations.

The 245 metre high hill, on which Neroberg wine flourishes under the management of the Hessian State Wine Estates, offers many rest and recreation options.

The ride up the hill on the Neroberg funicular railway built in 1888 is itself an experience.

The funicular railway, powered by gravity and the weight of water travels a distance of 440 metres to climb a height of 80 metres. It operates from April until October and transports its passengers up and down every 15 minutes.

From the Monopteros, a temple built in 1851 as a viewpoint overlooking the city, visitors can enjoy an excellent view of Wiesbaden and Mainz, and when visibility is good they can even see as far as Odenwald. Across from the Monopteros is the café-restaurant "Der Turm".

Downhill from the Monopteros, within easy walking distance, is the Opelbad, an outdoor swimming pool built in 1934. The unique location high over the city's rooftops attracts guests from all over the Rhein-Main region to visit "Wiesbaden's loveliest outdoor pool". The "Neroberg Nature Trail" is more than three kilometres long and introduces inquisitive walkers into the secrets of the forest and its inhabitants. And the "Neroberg Climbing Course", supervised by experienced experts, also offers the daring an opportunity to try "tree to tree" athletics.

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