Relaxation in the style of Roman spa culture has been a tradition in Wiesbaden for more than 2,000 years.

View of the Kochbrunnen temple on the Kochbrunnen square.

Thanks to this gift of nature, some two million litres of hot water bubble from Wiesbaden‘s twenty-six thermal springs every day. Enjoy the beneficial effects of thermal water at Aukammtal thermal bath or at the Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme. You may also sample thermal water directly from the spring, for instance at the Kochbrunnen fountain in Kranzplatz square.

A stroll along the banks of the river Rhine in Biebrich

Wiesbaden is inextricably linked with the element of water. A stroll along the banks of the river Rhine in Biebrich, one of Wiesbaden‘s districts, a visit to Schierstein harbour, a picturesque sunset at Kastel beach with its Beach Bar – enjoy Mediterranean holiday feeling in its truest sense. Don‘t miss out on Biebrich Palace, a highlight along the way – where the princes and dukes of Nassau used to have their residence.

  • wiesbaden.de / Foto: Mattiaqua
  • wiesbaden.de / Foto: Thomas Ackermann