Wine growing in Kostheim

The second oldest wine growing community in the Rheingau region is the wine district Kostheim near Wiesbaden. It has the largest vineyard area in Wiesbaden.

Wine growing in Kostheim

The second oldest wine growing community in the Rheingau region is the Wiesbaden wine village Kostheim. It has the largest wine growing area in Wiesbaden. On a total area of 91 hectares mainly Riesling and Pinot noir are cultivated. However, the repertoire of the Kostheim vintners also covers Pinot gris, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay. Kostheim is not just known for its excellent wine, but also for its lifestyle. The district presents a colourful offering of vineyards with courtyard parties, wine taverns so-called "Straußwirtschaft" and wine cellars and the pleasantly located wine tasting stalls on the banks of the Main River. Furthermore, since 2013 on the first weekend after Pentecost, the wine-growers from Hochheim, Kostheim and Wicker invite you to attend the Wine Experience Trail celebrations on the Wine Experience Trail Upper Rheingau.

Kostheimer Steig

The terrior name is derived from the Middle High German word "Stigel" that means step, ladder or stiles to cross a fence or a climbing aid for a steep path. The soils were formed by sandy-gravel Main deposits with loess and loess loam additions. The wines are harmonious with a piquant acidity and a fine bouquet.

Kostheimer Weiß Erd

The terroir is named after the light soil colour. The soils are loess loams and loess with parts of more or less tertiary gravel marls. The wines are full bodied with a classy and fruity acid note. They are strongly closed when young.

Kostheimer St. Kiliansberg

Derived from St. Kilian the patron saint of the Franconian raftsmen, who settled here and connected the small rafts to create large units at the Main estuary so that wood could be transported on the Rhine. The soils are clayey, chalky marl soils with a lesser skeletal fraction. The wines are full bodied with plenty of elegance and a mineral acidity.

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