Wine growing on the Neroberg

The vineyard on the hill Neroberg is one of the few vineyards within a town in Germany. Riesling grapes are cultivated here.

Wine growing on the Neroberg

The vineyard on the Neroberg is one of the few inner city vineyards in Germany. Here the unique terroir produces Riesling wines with a subtle interplay of the fruity aromas and an elegant fruity acidity that also show floral and flowery notes. The vineyard is high up on Wiesbaden's local mountain that was farmed by the city of Wiesbaden until 2005. It is now managed by the Hessian State Wine Estates and is looked after by the wine growing experts from the Domaine Rauenthal. The vineyard is now deemed a cultural monument and is listed as a protected site. Guided tours through the vineyard on the Neroberg can be booked through the Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH on request.


The mountain was called Ersberg when the mountain woodland was first cleared for wine cultivation in 1525/26, later also Mersberg, whereas the "m" was probably taken from the "an Ersberg" (on the Ersberg). In the 17th and 18th centuries it was called Nersberg. The local mountain was renamed Neroberg in the last century as a kind of romantic reminiscence of Wiesbaden's Roman past.

The middle and deep stony-gritty soils are composed of sericite gneiss with additions of loess loam. The wines are fruity, spicy and have a piquant acidity. The wines are closed when they are young. The wines can be entirely different depending on the weather during the year.

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