Food and Wine

From the high-class gourmet restaurants up to the traditional wine pubs, from the Neroberg Mountain to the bank of the Rhine River - culinary is varied and outstanding.

Food and Wine

A light Mediterranean snack at the end of an eventful day - or would you prefer a multi-course meal at an exquisitely set banquet table?

Whatever appeals to you, a wide variety of eating and drinking places is available: elegant restaurants as well as bistros and brasseries, long-established wine pubs and cafés as well as beer pubs where live music is a regular feature.
The cuisine is international but there are also many restaurants and bistros offering regional specialties. For those who like cooking at home the Wiesbaden Farmers´ Market offers a great choice of fresh and regional products.

One of the most popular wine regions of Germany gives Wiesbaden the name Gateway to the Rheingau. The popularity of the Rheingau wine region is mainly due to the Riesling wine. The Rheingau Riesling with sparkling elegance and the imaginative fusion of noble sweetness and fine acidity is considered one of the world´s top white wines - and justly so!

  • / Foto: Angelika Stehle