Self Guided Tour: Wiesbaden can be experienced digitally by tourists

Download the self-guided tour onto your smartphone or tablet and experience Wiesbaden's rise to become a world spa city as an audiovisual event.

Historical and current views on the smartphone or tablet via app.

With the mobile application "Future History" you can discover Wiesbaden in a whole new way. The app points out various points on a street map that show the user current and historical pictures of sights and places, including the Kurhaus and Kurpark, but also of the town hall, Villa Clementine or the Marktkirche.

With a simple function, it is possible to switch between the current and the historical view, so that the viewer can go on a journey back in time. This application is interesting for locals, who can get to know their familiar city in a completely new way, as well as for tourists.

Currently, 15 Wiesbaden sights are already available in the app and on the homepage. Anyone who owns historical pictures of Wiesbaden can register and simply make the pictures available to the community. The portal relies on the initiative of the population, who can actively participate in bringing the history of their own city into the present.

Duration about 90 minutes
Price 4,99 Euro
Download A download of the app is possible under the link below. Click on the button to install the Future History app on your smartphone or tablet and the tour will open automatically.

  • / Foto: Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH