With the Auidoguide you can easily get to know the capital of Hesse in 25 entertainingly commented stations.

Discover Wiesbaden with the Auidoguide.

The stations are independent of each other, so an individual discovery tour can be put together. At the end of each station, there are references to the nearest sight, so that all 25 places can be experienced "in one go".

The audio tours are narrated by Nick Benjamin and Anni Vollmers, accompanied by music by Matthias Frey.

Advantages of the audioguide

  • The audioguide is easy to use.
  • The discovery tour through Wiesbaden can be arranged individually according to your own wishes.
  • The tour can be interrupted at any time, for example to take a break in one of the many cafés or perhaps to visit a museum.
  • The pace and date of the discovery tour is determined by the user.


The Auidoguide can be borrowed at the Tourist Information at Marktplatz 1.

To borrow it, a personal document (identity card, passport or 100.00 Euro deposit) must be deposited at the Tourist Information.


The equipment can be rented for three hours at a price of 15 euros. Each additional hour or part thereof costs 5 euros.

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