Meetings in Wiesbaden...why here?

We cannot predict your future, but we will help you to positively influence it because you have chosen Wiesbaden as the best location to hold your event.

Our assets are...

... our geographic location in the heart of Germany

With its proximity to Frankfurt Airport, direct, high-speed rail connection to Wiesbaden main train station and the Rheingau and Taunus recreation areas with international cultural events such as the “Rheingau Musik Festival” and thus infinite possibilities for incentives and support programmes.

... the different event venues located in the city centre

From the historic landmark, the Kurhaus Wiesbaden (opens in a new tab), through the Jagdschloss Platte (opens in a new tab) situated in the forest above the rooftops of Wiesbaden to the cutting-edge convention and event centre, RheinMain CongressCenter (opens in a new tab). You thus have the suitable setting for your event. 

... the short distances in the city

Your event can, for example, take place in the RMCC during the day and wind down with an evening event in the Kurhaus Wiesbaden without your guests having to travel long distances between their hotel, the different venues and Wiesbaden city centre, which they can comfortably visit between the events. Almost everything can be reached on foot, thus making your event “green”. The RMCC can be reached in just a few minutes from Wiesbaden main train station on foot – where else can you do that! 

... the established medical and pharmaceutical area of expertise

The thermal water from the hot springs, which the Romans used for healing purposes, has always made Wiesbaden a healthcare location. The Deutsche Klinik für Diagnostik (DKD) has a nationally and internationally acclaimed health centre that is recognised as a specialised medical service provider. The new construction of the existing Helios HSK planned for completion in 2021, one of the most cutting-edge clinics in the Rhine-Main region, is considered to be one of the best medical clinics in Germany. The thermal legacy connects Wiesbaden with many other historic thermal towns in Europe. Together they form the cultural route of the same name certified by the Council of Europe under the umbrella of the EHTTA (European Thermal Towns Association). 

... many global market-leaders

For example, Vitronic, Smiths Heimann, Kalle or Cobus Industries are located in Wiesbaden, and the high quality of life makes it easy for them to find employees for this company location. Even the headquarters of the American military forces in Europe are domiciled in Wiesbaden. Life in Wiesbaden is thus also designed to cater for English-speaking guests meaning that your international guests will feel at home here. 

... diverse incentive and activity programmes

Support programmes make memorable events for the participants. How good that Wiesbaden offers a wide range of alternatives with its neighbouring Rheingau-Taunus region. The Rheingau and its Riesling wines are popular not only in Germany; guests from other countries consider them to be an insider tip. And the region along the Rhine has much more to offer: an abundance of sights, world-famous cultural heritage sites and idyllic places are a winning combination. Culinary sightseeing tours, factory tours, wine tastings, hiking tours of the vineyards and numerous activity programmes are the icing on the cake of a successful event. We could keep on adding to this list but even better: come to Wiesbaden and let yourself be captivated by the unique flair of this “little city”, and your event guests be impressed with your choice of location. 

We could continue this list for a long time, but much better: Come to Wiesbaden yourself and let yourself be caught by the unique flair of this "little big city" and impress your event visitors positively with this choice as well.

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